Stephan Leibfried

Stephan Leibfried

  • Prof. Dr.
  • Comparative and European Welfare State Politics
  • Director (Sprecher) Collaborative Research Center 597 "Transformations of the State"
  • University of Bremen

Research Interests

  • Comparative studies of welfare state development in Germany, the US and the UK
  • Studies of the changing interface between international and domestic politics
  • The effects of European integration on national welfare states


2009 - present     

Research Professor, University of Bremen, Germany

2006 - present     

Sekretär, Social Science Section, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Germany

2004 - present     

Director, Sfb 597 (TranState Research Center), University of Bremen, Germany

1982 - present     

Several visiting fellowships: Cornell, Wisconsin at Madison, Harvard, California at Berkeley, LSE, IHS Vienna, etc.

1974 - present     

Professor, University of Bremen, Germany

Education & Degrees


Ph.D. (Dr. rer. pol.), Bremen, Germany

1969, 1974     

Law degrees, Berlin, Germany

1964 - 1969     

Studies of Law, Politics, Sociology, Universities of Berlin and Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Scholarships, Awards and Honors


Ludwig Preller Prize, Germany (social policy)

2003 - present     

Member of Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW), Germany

1997 - 1998     

Inivitation as a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies Berlin (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin) to work on a book project on “The World Market and the Welfare State

List of the ten most relevant publications


Obinger, Herbert, Peter Starke, Julia Moser, Claudia Bogedan, Edith Obinger-Gindulis & Stephan Leibfried (2010) Transformations of the Welfare State. Small Countries – Big Lessons?, Oxford: Oxford University Press


Castles, Francis G., Stephan Leibfried, Jane Lewis, Herbert Obinger, Chris Pierson, Eds. (2010) The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State, Oxford: Oxford University Press


Leibfried, Stephan (2010) Social Policy: Left to Judges and the Markets? in: Helen Wallace, Mark A. Pollack, Alasdair Young (Eds.), Policy-Making in the European Union, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 253-282


Leibfried, Stephan & Steffen Mau (2008) Welfare States: Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction (Elgar Reference Collection), 3 vols., Cheltenham: Edward Elgar


Hurrelmann, Achim, Stephan Leibfried, Kerstin Martens & Peter Mayer (2007) Transforming the Golden-Age Nation State, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan


Leibfried, Stephan, Herbert Obinger & Francis G. Castles (2005) Federalism and the Welfare State. New World and European Experiences, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


Leibfried, Stephan & Michael Zürn (2005) Transformations of the State?, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


Rieger, Elmar & Stephan Leibfried (2003) Limits to Globalization. Welfare States and the World Economy, Cambridge: Polity


Lutz & Stephan Leibfried et al. (1999) Time and Poverty in Western Welfare States – United Germany in Perspective, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


Leibfried, Stephan & Paul Pierson, Eds. (1995) European Social Policy – Between Fragmentation and Integration, Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press

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