Johannes Huinink

Johannes Huinink

  • Prof. Dr.
  • Professor for Sociology
  • Institute of Sociology (Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Social Structure)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • University of Bremen

Research Interests

  • Theoretical model building and empirical research in sociology
  • Family dynamics, migration, and social mobility
  • Life course approach: sociological model building and action theoretic approach to life course theory


2003 - present     

Full professor of Sociology, Institute of Sociology (Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Social Structure), University of Bremen, Germany

1999 - 2003     

Full professor of Sociology (Population and Family), Institute of Sociology, University of Rostock, Germany

1994 - 1999     

Full Professor of Sociology (Comparative Studies of Modern Societies), Institute of Sociology, University of Leipzig, Germany


Stay at Stanford University (CA), USA

1986 - 1994     

Research Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany

1982 - 1986     

Reseach Assistant, Institute for Population Research and Social Policy, University of Bielefeld, Germany

1980 - 1981     

Research Assistant, Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematization, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Education & Degrees


Habilitation, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Free University Berlin, Germany


Ph.D. (Dr. rer. soc.), Sociological Faculty, University of Bielefeld, Germany

1971 - 1981     

Studies of Mathematics and Sociology in Münster and Bielefeld, Germany

List of the ten most relevant publications


Huinink, Johannes, Sergi Vidal & Stefanie Kley (2014) Individuals‘ Openness To Migrate and Job Mobility, in: Social Science Research, 44, 1–14


Huinink, Johannes & Michael Feldhaus (2012) Fertilität und räumliche Mobilität in Deutschland [Fertility and Commuting Behaviour in Germany], in: Comparative Population Studies, 37:3-4, 491-516


Huinink, Johannes (2011) Au-delá du sens commun, in:  Commentaire, 136 ("La sociologie: science ou discipline?"), 1026-1029


Huinink, Johannes & Michael Feldhaus (2009) Family Research from the Life Course Perspective, in: International Sociology 24:3, 299-324


Heinz, Walter, Johannes Huinink & Ansgar Weymann, Eds. (2009) The Life Course Reader. Individuals and Society across Time, Frankfurt, M./Chicago: Campus/Chicago University Press


Huinink, Johannes (2005) BA Studium: Soziologie, Reinbek: Rowohlt


Huinink, Johannes (1995) Warum noch Familie? Zur Attraktivität von Partnerschaft und Elternschaft in unserer Gesellschaft, Frankfurt/M.: Campus


Blossfeld, Hans-Peter & Johannes Huinink (1991) Human Capital Investments or Norms of Role Transition? How Women's Schooling and Career Affect the Process of Family Formation, in: American Journal of Sociology 97:1, 143-168


Huinink, Johannes (1989) Das zweite Kind. Sind wir auf dem Weg zur Ein-Kind-Familie?, in: Zeitschrift für Soziologie 18:3, 192-207


Huinink, Johannes & Michael Wagner (1989) Regionale Lebensbedingungen, Migration und Familienbildung, in: Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 4:4, 669-689

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